We strongly recommend our customers implement custom data collection scripts via their own development teams. This includes things like tracking interactions with custom elements on the page (e.g. clicks or hovers) and sending custom data into Permutive. 

Developers can read through our JavaScript SDK documentation for an understanding of how to do this. We provide a simple JavaScript function called permutive.track for sending custom data into Permutive.

In cases where developer resource isn't available and a quick PoC needs to be built out, Permutive can write custom data collection scripts which scrape data from the page and send custom events into the platform. This approach can be effective for proving an idea, however it is not recommended as a long term solution.
Changes made to the site by a customer's development teams, or to the data model on the page could easily break data collection scripts and these breakages could go unnoticed. For this reason we recommend dev teams implement their own data collection, so that they are aware of any custom data collection live on site and are able to implement collection in a way that isn't vulnerable to future changes.

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