Permutive is delivered using Google Cloud Platform. 

Permutive does not impact page load time - see this article for more info.

Permutive keeps your data secure - see this article for more info.


Our JS SDK is open-source and well documented, as is our server-side API. Prototypes and code samples/examples can be found in our blog.

Implementing Permutive

We have both a JS SDK and a server-side API. 

Validate Data Collection

Permutive enforces schema validation to prevent erroneous data being collected. Additionally, all segments can be retrieved via the SDK for inspecting data.

Debugging Methods

We offer a number of tools to help you with debugging:

  • You can create as many "instances" of Permutive as you like for testing, staging and sandboxing. 
  • Our dashboard allows you to view events' schemas and the most recent events collected for a specific type (e.g. Pageviews). 
  • Event schemas can be migrated within the dashboard, if you'd like to add or remove data stored in an event. 
  • All of our data is stored and updated in BigQuery in real-time, making it easy for developers to see what data is being stored and collected at both a user, and audience level.


In-between update versions, we'll update the tag directly. Versions tend to change once a year, when we'll ask you to make small changes to the tag in order to access new features.

When changes or updates are made our open source Javascript SDK logs all changes, and our server-side API documentation is versioned. These updates occur daily.

Please get in touch with if you have any questions!

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