Permutive offers highly detailed prebid.js reporting to help you understand the value of different ad units, bidders and segments.

All of these reports can be viewed over any date range and filtered by:

  • Bidder
  • Segment
  • Ad Unit

Instantly Know Your Headline Metrics

Get an immediate overview of your header bidding data with this report on the headline metrics, which includes

  • Total revenue
  • Total winning bids
  • Total bids
  • Average win CPM
  • Average CPM
  • Daily Bids
  • Prebid Win Rate

Dive Deeper for Detailed Insights

For a deeper understanding of your data, you can dive into any dimension to understand the

  • Win rate
  • Revenue won
  • Total Bids won
  • Total bids
  • Avg win CPM
  • Avg CPM bid
  • Medium win CPM
  • Medium CPM bid
  • Time to Respond

By segment, for example:

By bidder, for example:

You can also have these reports broken out by ad unit.

Finally, you can combine these dimensions to analyse in even more depth. By segment and bidder, for example:

This report is really useful for understanding how bidders behave from different segments. Answer questions like

  • Does social traffic get higher or lower behaviour from bidder X? 
  • Does the 'Car Enthusiasts' segment receive higher bids from automotive brands?

Note: For these reports you must be collecting data from prebid.js. If you'd like to know more please contact 

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