You can collect highly detailed information about your bidders and their behaviour if you are using prebid.js with Permutive. Use this data to understand your header bidding data, including:

  • Detailed insights on bidding behaviour for each slot by bidder, and by segment.
  • To optimise the partners you work with in your header bidding stack
  • To de-bug issues with your header bidding stack
  • To go direct to bidders and offer them first look on their desired audiences, based on your understanding of their bidding behaviour

We recommend collecting data in 2 events

  1.  Prebid bids (top 5 for each ad slot)
  2. Prebid winning bids (winning bids for each ad slot)

Every prebid event will have default data and additional data from prebid. You can read more about the data that is available on the prebid.js API. We recommend collecting events with these properties:

  • Ad ID. STRING.
  • Ad Unit Code. STRING.
  • Bid Available. BOOLEAN.
  • Bidder. STRING. 
  • Deal ID. STRING.
  • Height. INTEGER.
  • Time to Respond. INTEGER.
  • Width. INTEGER.
  • Winning Bid. BOOLEAN.

If you'd like to collect prebid.js data on your site, please contact 

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