Permutive is designed and optimised to not have any impact on page load time. Here we look at how long the script takes to download, and the steps we take ensure this doesn't affect the page load.

How Long Script Takes To Download

Permutive's script typically takes <100ms to download. This will differ marginally based upon the number of segments a user falls into, though this will be tens of milliseconds difference.

Why Permutive Doesn't Impact Page Load


Permutive loads asynchronously, so it doesn't directly impact the page load speed.


Permutive goes through two stages of compression: minification and then gzipping. 

  • All methods execute in web workers where available, meaning it doesn't block JS on page.
  • All methods register callbacks, rather than executing blocking code.
  • Permutive caches segments in the browser wherever possible.
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