This straightforward segment includes every user who has viewed a page with a specific url. 

We recommend using this kind of segment to target users with display ads when they have read a piece of sponsored content. By creating a segment of users who have viewed the sponsored content, you can then pass this segment into your ad-server (e.g. DFP) and offer targeted advertising at a premium CPM.

To create a segment of users who've viewed this article on our demo site I'll set up a segment using a match on the url string.


Segment of users who've viewed the article:


  1. We recommend you don't include the website domain or anything before it (e.g. www) as this can be collected in different formats for different users.
  2. Your site may have the same article released under different urls - make sure to include every variation! You can always go back and edit your segment to include another url if it changes.
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