Permutive will collect a number of events by default. In this article we list out those events, and provide detail on them.


This event is triggered every time a user views a page. It contains basic information about the page the user visited.


An engagement event is generated for every five seconds a user spends engaged on a page. Engaged on a page means they moved their mouse or scrolled down the page during those five seconds.

As an event is generated each five seconds, a count of these events multiplied by five gives you the total time a user was engaged on a page, or overall.


This event tracks most links clicked by a user. It captures the destination URL the user has clicked to, as well as the current URL of the page they're on.


This event tracks the properties of any form submitted on your site. It will not track any password fields. The data tracked in this event is very raw and can be hard to understand. If you'd like to track specific form data on your site we recommend creating a new event to do this as a long term solution.

Events can be switched on/off using the Web Integration.

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