If you log into the Permutive Dashboard, you can view all of the event types that have been sent into your project. Here's what the events view for the Permutive Demo site looks like

Here you can see the names of different events that have been collected, as well as some extra details about them. 

If you click Quick View next to any of the events, you can see more detail about what's being collected. There are two tabs of detail, properties and events.

The Properties tab shows all of the properties being collected against the event. These are all the properties that you can use in the Segment Builder. You can also see the types of each property. This gives you an idea of how they can be used. An integer can be used for greater than / less than comparisons, for example. 

The Events tab shows you a selection of the latest 10 events that have been received. It's raw data, so can be a bit confusing. It shows pairs of event properties and values.

If you click on the event name directly, you can edit the event schema.

By selecting + Add Collection in the top right corner you can add new events with custom schemas

If you want any help understanding the values of your Permutive events, let us know!

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