This is the name for your reaction within the Permutive dashboard. Each reaction name must be unique.


An optional description, unique to every reaction.

Reaction Type

Set up a reaction for any of the integrations you have added to your project. If you cannot see an integration listed, you can add that integration through the ‘Settings’ tab. For more information on adding integrations please read the documentation for the relevant integration.

Target this reaction to

Here you can choose to target your reaction to a Permutive segment. You must set up a separate reaction for each segment, for each integration.

Context Criteria

Here you can set reactions to trigger only when the page meets a certain criteria (eg. 'url contains permutive')


Variants are a Permutive feature which power A/B style testing. You can vary both the content of the reaction (if applicable) and the segment the reaction applies to.


Select when you want the reaction to happen, during a user’s journey through a segment.

  • On Entry - triggers the reaction only when the user lands on a page and enters the segment criteria
  • On Exit - triggers the reaction only when the user lands on a page and leaves the segment criteria
  • Every Time - triggers the reaction every time the user lands on a page and meets the segment criteria

More information on triggering logic can be found here.

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