About the Integration

Using the Permutive Adestra integration you can target your campaigns with Permutive segments.

Click here to find out how to send Permutive segments to Adestra.


You will require the following before setting up the integration (detailed in the following sections):

  • Adestra API key
  • Adestra alias tag

Adestra API key

Please ask your Adestra CSM for an API key.

Adestra alias tag

This is a label for the user identities that should be synced between Permutive and Adestra. You will need to define this label and supply it via the SDKs. See the relevant section for how to set this syncing up in the Web, iOS and Android SDKs.

Identities synced should represent Contact IDs in Adestra MessageFocus.

Adding the Integration

You can click this link to go directly to the integrations page, or find it using the instructions below.

  1. Visit the Permutive Dashboard and go to Settings > Integrations > + Add Integration

2. Select the 'Adestra' Integration

3. Enter the API key and Alias tag when prompted and click "Add Adestra"

The integration will be available for use in under 20 minutes.

Please contact us via support@permutive.com or through LiveChat if you need help configuring this integration.

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