If the property being used to build a segment is type List of Objects a different method of segmentation will appear.

In this example, if I have an event with a field containing a list of objects like this:

I might want to define a segment for users where the text "Game of Thrones" in the list has a relevance greater than 0.6, in the segment builder it would look something like this:

This would be true for the example above, since "relevance" = 0.641438 in the "Game of Thrones" object. 

I could also specify further filters based on other properties of the event, for example:

This segmentation would also be true for the example above, since both objects in the list have a relevance more than 0.6.

The other operators ("Max", "Min", "Mean", "Sum" and "Product") work as you would expect for the numeric fields in a list of objects.

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