The PageviewEngagement event is fired every five seconds a user spends time engaged on a page. Engaged on a page means they're moving their mouse, scrolling or clicking on white space during those five seconds.

As a result, a count of these events multiplied by five gives you the total time a user spent engaged on a page, or overall in their session.

The following columns are available in the pageviewengagement_event table

  • time
  • event_id
  • user_id
  • session_id
  • segments
  • properties.engaged_time
  • properties.client.domain
  • properties.client.type
  • properties.client.url
  • properties.client.referrer
  • properties.client.title
  • properties.client.user_agent
  • properties.completion
  • properties.total_completion
  • view_id

Custom properties can also be collected in the PageviewEngagement event.

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