Automated verification allows users to test for deployment issues directly in the Permutive dashboard. 

The current verification system enables you to detect common deployment issues

  • If the Permutive tag is deployed on the page and loads in a reasonable time
  • Any schema rejections
  • Whether DFP is set up correctly and attaching targeting data to ad requests. 

Using the Verification Tool 

  1. Head to Setting > Verification in the Permutive dashboard.

2. Enter the domain you would like to verify. The domain entered must have the same Permutive project ID as the Permutive project you are testing it in.

3. Click Verify. After a few minutes, a set of results for the domain entered are returned. 

4. Any results with a warning sign alongside them will need to be addressed. Results with a tick are verified. 

IP Whitelisting

If the domains you wish to verify are restricted to only accept traffic from specific IP addresses, you will need to whitelist the following IP addresses for automated deployment verification to work: 


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