This report gives you an immediate overview of each of your segments, providing headline metrics and making it easy to see their performance over time.

How to find the report

  • You will find this report in your dashboard under Analytics

Using the report

  • Click on the 'filters' list at the top of your page to see your filters and make edits.
  • Select your segment from the filter dropdown 'Segment'.
  • Set any additional filters e.g. 'DateRange', 'Aggregation'

Understanding the report

  • The aim of the report is to give a quick overview of your segments.
  • The top row gives the headline metrics. For more information on each metric, see this article.
  • 'Device' gives the percentage of users coming from different platfroms (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  • 'Country' shows the geographical distribution of users in the chosen segment.
  • 'Average Session Length' gives an overview on the segments average session length
  • 'Articles Viewed In Session' gives the number of articles the users in the selected segment have viewed in their session. 


I am looking to proactively go out and sell an 'auto' segment and I want to understand a bit about my audience. To do this, I filter by my Auto Intenders segment. From my results I can see that

  • Across the segment, there were 45K unique users who had 81.6K pageviews.
  • They predominantly accessed my site using a Desktop and over 60% were located in the UK.
  • Nearly half of my auto audience spend between 30 seconds to 2 minutes on site. 
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