As well as adding new collections (aka events), it is possible to edit current events. This can all be done directly in the Permutive dashboard.

Editing a Collection

Firstly, select the event you'd like to edit by clicking on the title (eg. Pageview).

As this is already an established event, the name cannot be altered. However, properties can be added and a description can be added.

Adding a Property

Select Edit → Scroll to the bottom of the list of properties → Select' +Property' → Fill in the required details

Name - The human-readable name that will appear in the event
ID - How the property will appear in the collection (JSON)
Description - Add a description of what the new property will collect
Type - eg. Integer, Float, String. The event will be rejected if the type of the property does not match the one set in the schema, so it is important you set the correct 'type'.
Required - If toggled 'on' (green), the property will need to be collected for the event not to be rejected (if passed in 'null', the event will be rejected). We recommend leaving this 'off'.

Select OK →  Save to save the new properties to the event. Once the schema has been edited, work with a developer to send in the new properties via the different sources described here.


  • One saved, a user cannot delete properties.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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