Permutive partners with various third party data providers to reach billions more unique users based on their real-world behaviours, so you can target the exact audience you are looking for. You can use these users to enrich audiences and create segments based on demographic, intent to buy, lifestyle and various other attributes.

Our providers enable you to target consumers based on their offline behaviours: from fast food restaurant eaters to car owners. This can increase the value of your inventory. By layering data segments to engage your advertisers' desired audience, you can best meet the needs for a campaign.

Third Party data providers currently integrated with Permutive

See the full list here.

How it works

  • Once enabled for your project, third party segments will be available for targeting via the segment builder. Here is an example of a demographic segment using third party data.
  • Segments can be passed into various platforms for selling or targeting: DFP, DBM, Appnexus, Rubicon - Fastlane, Teads, Pubmatic, The Trade Desk
  • If targeting segments in DFP, using your log files we'll work out your billing and enable this report in Permutive Analytics so you can track your spending.

If you don't currently have third party data and you'd like to enable it for your project, please email or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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