The Brightcove Player integration is different to the other integrations as it uses a separate script that must be added to your Brightcove players.



Ensure you have a public API key. This can be found here.  

If you don't have it listed, create one by pressing Add Key on the top right and choosing Public and clicking Add Key in the modal. This will create the key. 

Brightcove Integration

Ensure you have the Brightcove integration enabled. Click here to see if Brightcove Video Player is listed.

If not, add it via Add Integration and choose Brightcove Video Player under the Video category.

Adding the Plugin

Now that we have enabled the integration and got the public key, the next step is to add the Permutive plugin for Brightcove in the Brightcove dashboard.

To do this, for every player that you want Permutive tracking enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Open the player in Brightcove Cloud Studio
  2. Scroll down to Plugins and press Edit
  3. Press on JavaScript, add the following URL and select the '+' to the right:
  4. Press on Name, Options (JSON) and paste in the following (replacing <PUBLIC_API_KEY> with the public key you previously retrieved):

{ "apiKey": "<PUBLIC_API_KEY>" }

   5. Click Save and that's it!

You're done! The plugin will now be collecting data*.

* Brightcove may cache the player, meaning it may take a bit of time until the data appears in Permutive.

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