This article is a guide to Permutive and the support docs - where you can find the information that is most interesting to you, and where to start implementation with Permutive.

To begin collecting data, we will ask you for your input with technical and non-technical deployment.  One of the processes we will ask you to complete is preparing your pageview event schema, examples of this can be found here. If you'd also like to track custom events, this doc details how you would begin this process.

To learn more about our current integrations and how to pass your segments into other platforms, have a look here.

If you're a developer, to begin deployment with Permutive follow the steps detailed here.

If you're in AdOps and want to begin creating audiences, use Permutive Segments. For more information on how to do this and to take a look at some example segments, check out this section of the support docs. To learn more about our key features, have a look at these docs.

With Permutive Analytics we allow you to pull out extremely detailed and granular reports in a matter of minutes, allowing you to be much more proactive as opposed to reactive with your insights. See this doc to find out the range of analytics we have available.

Any other FAQs you may have, check out the questions linked here or contact support via the red widget in the corner of the screen.

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