Permutive collects default data and additional engagement data on every pageview engagement event. 

The pageview engagement event fires every 5 seconds, if the user has been actively engaged on the page in the last 5 seconds e.g. moving the mouse, clicking.

We strongly recommend creating 'engagement' segments of users who have been actively engaged on your site. These can be combined with interest segments to highly valuable segments of users who are interested in a topic and highly engaged in their current session.

On every pageview engagement event Permutive collects the following properties:

  • Visit ID. STRING. This is the event ID of the related pageview event. This can be used to generate insights on how long users were actively engaged on a specific page.
  • Completion. FLOAT. This is the depth of the page the user has scrolled. This data can be used to build segments of users who have viewed the entire page.
  • Engaged Time. INTEGER. This is '5' as each pageview engagement event represents 5 seconds of active engagement.

Note: To create segments of users based on their engaged time see our example here.

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