Your first-party user data is secure as it remains siloed and is never mixed with other publishers. We are compliant with GDPR.

Security of First Party Data

We silo publishers' data, meaning that data never overlaps. Our warehousing and logging also silos data. We adhere to Amazon's best practises, and our infrastructure has been assessed as outstanding by their team.


We do ingest PII, such as email addresses.


We are compliant with GDPR. Permutive is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and we have followed their guidelines on preparing for GDPR. It's worth noting that any user data can be retrieved and/or deleted within 24 hours of receiving a request.

Sharing Data With Others

We can export Permutive segments into other DMPs. For example, we integrate with Lotame to send our segments into Lotame.

Commercialising Data

We do not commercialise data in any way.

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